Life Members

Life Members

KDFL & GRFL Life Members

Jack Sambrooks, Rovers. 1969.

Mick Melican, Appin. 1969.

George Vistarini, Murrabit. 1969.

Ral Chalmers, Macorna. 1974.

Tim Brockwell, Moulamein. 1977.

Claude Till, League. 1982.

Len Paull, League. 1985.

Peter Wren, Appin. 1988.

Doug Repper, Quambatook. 1989.

Gavin Pollinelli, Ultima. 1997.

Geoff Long, Lakes. 1998.

Ernie McLennan, Appin. 2000.

Keith Den Houting, Macorna. 2004.

Vince Maher, Murrabit. 2011.

Peter Jackson, Moulamein. 2013.

Scott Harry, Appin. 2014.

Robert “Buck” Howard, Hay. 2016.

VCFL Medallion

Jack Sambrooks, 1962.

Ted Hunt, 1967.

George Vistarini, 1975.

Claude Till, 1982.

Les Pay, Wandella. 1985.

Len Paull, 1989.

Cliff Harrison, Macorna. 1996.

Keith Den Houting, 2005.


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